Bacon and Coffee


First things first; before any traveling or adventuring in the UK is attempted, I had to make sure the bare essentials in life were covered.  Before accepting this 2 year assignment, I asked a few British people if you could get ‘American’ bacon in the UK.  They assured me you could, so I did actually accept the role in Derby.

So on day 1 here in Derby, Tara and I went to Asda (British Wal Mart) in search of bacon (Tara will tell you we were grocery shopping or looking for clothes hangers).  There were actually a ton of different varieties available, but this is what we came home with:  Regular ‘Streaky’ bacon, which is what us Americans know and love, and I also got some Rashers.  I wasn’t sure what Rashers were, but I am willing to try any relative of bacon.  I was very happy with the bacon selection.  There was actually more to choose from than there is in the states.

Good comparison of Rashers (left) and Streaky (right)The finished product

Rashers and Streaky Bacon

As it turns out, both varieties were delicious.  The ‘rashers’ just tasted like thicker/bigger bacon.

As a side note, the eggs here are awesome.  They are pretty much all free range eggs with good dark yolks.  As most of you reading this already know, I am very picky about my eggs since I eat them every morning.  In the states, I buy my eggs from local farmers or get them from my mom (not mum) who treats her chickens like royalty.  Here in the UK, you can get legit eggs anywhere…. Asda (Wal Mart), Tesco (Kroger), convenience stores, you name it.  I’m very happy about this.  Okay, back to bacon and coffee…..

Now on to the not so good news.  British coffee isn’t that great.  Our ‘flat’ came with a ‘coffee maker’…. but I wouldn’t actually call it it a coffee maker.  It’s more like a water boiler for instant coffee.  I made some, and it was drinkable, but the taste was a little off.

Our flat came with a 'coffee maker'

So in summary.  The UK has legit bacon, but the instant coffee isn’t great.

UPDATE: So it is now 1 week later and I am updating this post.  I may have understated my position (“the coffee isn’t that great”) on British coffee when I first wrote this post.  It is bad.  Plain and simple.  It doesn’t even taste like coffee.  And when I say ‘British coffee’, I’m referring to instant coffee, which the Britts think is normal coffee.  You can go to a Costa Coffee (British Starbucks) and get a real cup, but you have to pay Starbucks prices.

I did some googling and ended up purchasing an Aeropress so that I could make coffee at work.  It came today and I tried it out.  It made legit coffee.  I am very happy with my purchase.  It made a great cup of coffee in about 30 seconds.

Essential for making coffee at work