Week 1 Update – Banks, Internets, and Beers, oh my!

(I have updated the Bacon and Coffee post with pictures and some more commentary)

So we’ve been here for 1 whole week and we’ve been able to get our life mostly setup.  Everything you do here seems to take longer than it should.  It took 7 days for the internet people to basically turn on the internet in our flat.  It took 6 days for the bank to open our bank account and give us a bank card.  It took 11 days for our belongings to FLY from Indianapolis to Derby.

But impatient complaints aside, we have our fancy ‘chip and pin’ bank card and we have decently fast wireless internet in our place.  So now that we were able to pull some cash out of the bank, we did the first thing any normal person would do as soon as they have some cash.  Go to a beer festival.

Roundhouse Beer Festival

The festival was located in an old Roundhouse, which is what they used to use to turn trains around.  It was pretty cool.  There was a ridiculous amount of beer here.  It all tasted good.  Jeff even came along.  Us Americans have to stick together.


There were beer containers lining the most of the walls of this huge roundhouse.  It was all stuff I’d never heard of from breweries in the UK and Europe.

Lots of beer to choose from

We have also planned our first big trip.  Over Easter break, we will be flying to Venice and touring Italy by train before flying back out of Pisa.  Should be pretty awesome.

Our Italian plan of attack

That’s all for now


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Update – Banks, Internets, and Beers, oh my!

  1. love reading the blog, i was about to text you about it and then i realized i can’t :(….you need to post pics of your new flat I want to see where i’m going to be staying in 4 months!!!!! (i know y’all are going to amazing places before then but i’m super excited!!)

  2. Gosh ‘ how exciting it seems !!!! I know you are having a great time and will get to see somany places — It is truly a wonderful
    experience for both of you. I don’t know if you will receive this or not as I don’t know what i”m doing –hope you get it and know
    I’m thinking about !!!! Love, Mormor

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