Lincoln Cathedral and Castle

Now that we have our place setup and our lives are a little less chaotic, we decided to a take a day trip over to Lincoln.  I’d never heard of it, but one of Tara’s coworkers, Fritz, organized the trip so we tagged along.  Lincoln is known for it’s famous Cathedral and Castle.  It’s also one of a few places that has the Magna Carta on display.


Panorama view of the cathedrial from the castle wall

It was an easy 1.5 hour drive east.  Here’s the gang in front of the cathedral.  It was enormous.


Tara, Fritz, and Jeff outside the massive cathedrial

Like I said, it’s enormous.  This bus looked tiny next to it. 


Here’s Tara and I next to some ruins outside of the cathedral.



We paid the 6 pounds and went inside.  They gave us a phone looking thing that plays an audio tour as you walk to different points of interest.  Here’s Tara doing the audio tour.



The audio tour was beyond boring.  I only lasted about 3 minutes listening to the horribly boring audio tour guide person.  I would have rather listened to the audio from an episode of Gossip Girl than listen to the boring tour guide.  I walked around on my own and explored while Tara meticulously followed the instructions of the lifeless audio tour.  


Here's Jeff making a normal sized door look tiny


We got kicked out of this area because mass was starting



Next up was the castle.  Inside the castle walls were the courthouse, jail, and the Magna Carta.  We weren’t allowed in the courthouse and we couldn’t take pictures of the Magna Carta, so here are some pictures of what we could shoot.


On top of the walls



We walked around the castle and enjoyed the view.  You could see for miles, which is why they built the castle where they did.  Check out the panorama shot at the top of the page to see the view.  Then we went and toured the jail.  The prisoners used to spend 22 hours a day in these cells.  Their meals were gruel for breakfast and dinner, and 3 oz of meat for lunch with some bread.  Note to self: do not get caught stealing livestock in the 1400s.



All in all it was a great day and a great first trip.


4 thoughts on “Lincoln Cathedral and Castle

  1. Lincoln was very cool but when we went the castle was closed so no MC for us. Cathedral was impressive however. I loved where you ditched the audio tour immediately and Tara meticiously followed it. To funny.

  2. I loved reading about your tour to Lincoln ( I had never heard of it either ) Sounds like it was very interesting ; i”m learning right with you. Love reading your blogs.

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