This weekend we took a quick overnight trip to Liverpool.  It was just me, Tara, and Megan.  Liverpool is a pretty cool city and it’s less than 2 hours from Derby.  It’s mainly famous for the Beatles but I learned that it is a world famous port city.  In its hey-day, it was the gateway to the rest of the world and a super critical global trading port.  It’s also where the Titanic set sail, among other things (Editor’s note:  This is not true.  I must have came to this conclusion on my own after seeing all of the Titanic signs)

Quick Trip to Liverpool

Quick Trip to Liverpool

We got a Travelzoo deal for the Adelphi hotel, which apparently was the setting for a 1997 British TV show (Hotel) about how a hotel works.  My work colleagues told me that after we had already booked the hotel.  I thought that was pretty interesting even though I had never heard of the show.

The Famous Britannia Adelphi Hotel

The Famous Britannia Adelphi Hotel

The drive to Liverpool was super easy.  However once we arrived, we had to wait in line for a good 20 minutes to check in.  This seemed ridiculous at first, but then I remembered that we were in England and you have to queue for everything.

Getting my queue on

Getting my queue on

The hotel itself was pretty unique.  You could tell it was a fancy hotel from back in the day.  There were really high ceilings, chandeliers, nice floors, and tons of Brits on Stag/Hen dos.  (That means bachelor/bachelorette party)

Fancy Lobby

Fancy Lobby

That evening, we had a nice dinner and then went to a nearby comedy show.  It was funnier than I anticipated.  There wasn’t very much lost in translation from Scouse to American.  Scouse is an English dialect specific to Liverpool.  I could tell people were talking different than Derby, but I don’t think I could differentiate a Scouse dialect from anywhere else in the UK.  I just know it sounded funny.

Comedy Show

Comedy Show

Quick side-note:  Scouse is also a beef stew dish that is popular in Liverpool.  We were looking to try it while we were in town.  That is, until we saw this T-shirt with the ingredients.  Our excitement to try a staple Liverpool food died when we read this.  Sounds really plain in my opinion.

Looks really tasty right?

How to make Scouse

Saturday morning, we woke up and were surprised to see it was a sunny day.  We walked down to the famous Albert Dock to do some exploring.  It was a really nice change of pace from our last couple of trips to walk around and not be freezing cold and wet.  We wandered the dock area soaking up the sun and enjoying the dry weather.  For reference, it was probably around 45 degrees F.

Albert Dock

Albert Dock


Cool Houseboats in the Dock Area


Outside the Beatles Story Exhibition


Look at that blue sky!

Since it was such a nice day, we decided to ride the ferry up and down the Mersey river.  It was colder and windier on the boat, but we got some really good views of the city and learned a little bit about the history of the city from the recordings that were played near each stop.

Liverpool Cathedral from the River Mercey

Liverpool Cathedral from the River Mercey


Pretty good backdrop


The wind was coopering in this picture

After an hour on the boat, we got our land legs back and headed towards the huge cathedral that we could see from the boat.  On our way there, we stopped off at some famous Liverpool sites.  Here are the 3 graces, which are the 3 most iconic Liverpool buildings.


The 3 Graces: The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool building

Next up was the Cavern Club, which is now really well known because the Beatles used to play there.  Between 1961 and 1963, the Beatles made 292 appearances at the club (Source: Wikipedia).  It was a really cool underground bar.  There was even free live music when we popped inside so we decided to stick around and have a beer.


The Cavern Club

Pretty Unique Place

Pretty Unique Place

After we made our way out of the cavern and remembered it was still day time, we headed for the Cathedral.  On the way there, Megan spotted a rare bit of America so we had to stop and investigate further.

Rare Find in the UK

Reeses:  A Rare Find in the UK

Now that we were being fueled by chocolate and peanut butter, we had no trouble finding the largest Cathedral in the UK.  The girls could not contain their excitement when we found the church.


Nice Ups!


Megan sorta looks like a hovering ghost

I have to admit that I’m pretty tired of exploring churches, but this one was free and really massive, so we decided to check it out.  The inside was HUGE.  There was a service happening (Evensong) as we were walking around inside so we got to hear the choir sing.  The acoustics in this place were pretty impressive.

Really high ceilings

Really high ceilings in the Largest UK Cathedral

We also learned that Liverpool has a big China town.  And since it was located right next to the Cathedral, we decided to check it out and get some Chinese food.

The 2nd largest Chinese gate outside of Asia (I did not make up that stat)

The 2nd largest Chinese gate outside of Asia (I did not make up that stat)

Right after we finished eating, we headed for the car because our 24 hours of parking was about to expire.  Our whirlwind Liverpool trip had come to an end.  I would definitely go back.  There was a lot to explore and we barely scratched the surface.  Here’s the food collage and a weird British road sign.


Mixture of fancy Mediterranean food and Chinese food


Yes, this is a real sign

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for Northern Ireland in a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Liverpool

  1. The jumping pics are back! Brilliant! We enjoyed Liverpool as well tho I wish there was a band playing at the Cavern Club when we stopped by, that would have been a great atmosphere to catch some live music in. Not to be critical but Titanic was built and set sail from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Liverpool was the HQ of the company that built the Titanic.

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