Royal Wedding in Market Harborough

This past weekend, we had the privilege of attending our first British wedding.  Andy (American) and Michelle (English) traveled all the way from Indiana to celebrate their marriage in a lovely little town called Market Harborough.  We also went to their American wedding in Indianapolis a few weeks back.  I had an absolute blast seeing a bunch of my American friends and participating in my first British wedding.  Mich, Andy, and everyone that helped them out did an amazing job bringing it all together.  There was a group of 15 or so Americans that ventured over to England for the wedding and invaded Leicestershire.  There aren’t a lot of photos because I was too busy playing darts and partying.  I somehow lost my voice over the course of all the fun that was had this weekend.  I sound a little bit like Christian Bale as Batman right now.  That’s how you know it was an epic weekend.  Anyway, I’ll just throw a bunch of not so exciting pictures out there for anyone who is interested.

Market Harborough

Market Harborough… Prepare for the most Americans you’ll ever see. (about 15)

Market Harborough is definitely not a tourist destination.  It has a population of only 20,000.  Derby, which also doesn’t seem like a big place has a population of 248,700.  It is a small, sleepy British town with a lot of local charm and good pubs.  Every time a group of us Americans walked into a pub or restaurant, the locals always seemed to inquire as to what we were doing in their town.  They weren’t being rude.  They just were genuinely curious as to why we would visit Market Harborough.  When we told them we were in town for a wedding, they were satisfied and very nice and accommodating.  It looks like I’m already getting side tracked.  Here are the photos I was promising.


Friday dinner for out of towners


7 American Girls, 2 Brits, and Andy


The Royal Couple

The day of the wedding, the girls did the normal thing and spent 10 hours getting ready.  The men played darts for a good 6 hours.  This sounds boring, but it was not.  I had a blast playing with Andy’s dad who came in all the way from Kansas.  Team Jugs! (Jon and Doug)


Good Way to kill 6 hours


I will probably never see this again. Jon “Robin-Hooded” these darts!


The girls did not play darts…..


They seem content without darts…. somehow

Tara is making me post multiple pictures of cupcakes.  She took a 6 week cake decorating class so that she could make those blue flowers on top of the cupcakes.  They are made from sugar and apparently take a lot of skill and time to make; however, they don’t have any flavor, so I do not believe the time and effort spent are worth it.

royal_wedding15 royal_wedding05 royal_wedding04


The Head Table

royal_wedding13 royal_wedding12


First Dance

We partied pretty hard at the wedding reception.  I had a great time.  Tara thinks I got too rowdy, but I think that I was appropriately rowdy for the occasion.  After the reception, we tried to re-create the good times had at the dart bar in the afternoon.  Andy OC ended up in a chugging duel with a local.  The bride brokered this match, and Andy OC was happy to represent America with pride.


Ready, set…..


America came out victorious in this battle


My arm was sore from all the darts


The next day, Mich’s family hosted everyone at their house for a meal in the back garden.  It was really nice to sit around and reminisce with the family and enjoy the nice sunny day.

royal_wedding23 royal_wedding22 royal_wedding21That about wraps it up.  Andy and Mich are married and everyone involved seemed to have a great time (and there were no broken bones in this wedding).  Thanks Michelle, Andy, Tony, Kathy, Jon, Nancy, Corrine, and everyone else who put on a great wedding.


5 thoughts on “Royal Wedding in Market Harborough

  1. Thanks so much I love reading your blogs but even better because it was about the Royal Wedding. As for you being too rowdy absolutely not !!!!! I loved your rendition of raining men it was brilliant. Love to Terry hope to see you before you go home xxxx

  2. I enjoyed reading this! Jon will like that you included the darts! It was nice seeing you both again. Enjoy the rest of your time in the UK!! We had a blast!

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