Hadrian’s Wall and Fountains Abbey

Welcome back readers.  Fresh off our week long trip to Greece, we decided to forgo a restful weekend and drive half the length of the country up to Hadrian’s Wall.  No glitz and glamour of the Mediterranean here.  Just some nice English countryside with some Roman ruins.

Route to the Edge of Roman Rule

Route to the Edge of Roman Rule.  Fountains Abbey in Red

The wall was built by the Romans when they were ruling the western world (around 122 AD).  They decided that that they had gone far enough and that Scotland was not worth their time and resources.  Hence, the need for a wall to keep out the barbarians on the other side.  This reminds me of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, where the civilized people build a huge wall to keep out the “White Walkers”.  Anyway, a lot of the wall is still intact, so we thought we’d better go see it while we are living in England.  Here’s what Rome’s empire looked like when the wall was built.

Time to Build a Wall

Time to Build a Wall……

So on Saturday morning, we set off from Derby for the wall.  We found a nice 7.5 mile circular route that took us along a good stretch of wall and also explored some old Roman forts.  It was a 3 hour drive followed by a 3 hour walk.

The Route

The Route.  Our Hostel was in Once Brewed.

We got lucky and had some great weather.  It was partly cloudy and in the mid 50s, which is more than you can really ask for at this time of year.  The walk was really nice and had some good views of the countryside.  Hadrian’s Wall itself wasn’t very intact, but you could decipher Hadrian’s wall remnants from a normal wall.  Hadrian’s wall was wider than your typical wall today.  Probably because it was wide enough for guards to do patrols on top of back in the day.  Anyway, here are a bunch of photos:


Start of the Walk. You can see some of Hadrian’s wall on the bottom right


Hadrian’s Wall


These dogs were guarding the wall


Yup, more wall


Lots of climbing going on in this region


Good View


I didn’t edit this. It just turned out really cool looking


For part of the walk, we were actually walking on top of the wall


Sheep pic for good measure

hadrian04 hadrian07 hadrian08 hadrian09 hadrian10 hadrian13

After awhile, we made it to Housesteads Roman Fort.  This used to be a huge Fort/City outpost area.  Now it’s just ruins.  The museum was free with our National Trust memberships so we went in and watched the free video.  After Roman rule dissolved around 500 AD, this fort gradually disbanded into what it is today.


Housesteads Ruins


Former Food Storage Building


Great Sheep Picture


Free Museum for National Trust Members


Fat Sheep

After the fort, we wandered away from the wall, through some more sheep fields, across someone’s land, and on to a road.  This walk had a little something for everyone.


Another cool picture


They take their sheep worrying seriously up here

After some more walking, we ended up at Vindolanda, which was another Roman fort/outpost that was responsible for guarding the Stangate, which is a road from the river Tyne to a city called Solway Firth.  We thought we’d be able to get into this place with our National Trust memberships, but it turns out you need to be part of the Vindolanda Trust.  We didn’t feel like signing up for year long memberships, so we just took a photo or two from above.




hadrian31 Takin ‘er easy


Found a thatched roof

We finished our 7.5 mile walk in about 3 hours, 15 minutes.  That’s a pace of 2.3 miles per hour with some stops in there for map checking and fort exploring.  We quickly checked into our hostel and then headed to the most important stop on the walk: the pub.


Made it.  The Twice Brewed Inn is located in the small town of Once Brewed.  Good name for a pub.



They even had wifi, so I could watch the Hokies beat up on North Carolina while enjoying a nice local Twice Brewed Smooth.  When we return to the states, I’m going to miss these types of pubs.  Virtually everywhere you go in England, you can walk to a pub.  This one even had some really good food.  I’ve become a bit of a meat pie aficionado in my time here.  It took me a year before I tried one, but now I really enjoy them.  This place had a killer steak and ale pie.


Go Hokies!


I don’t know if it was the exhaustion, but I thought this place had the best steak pie I’ve had to date.  It tasted better than it looks.

And that was our day exploring the wall.  We went to bed early out of exhaustion and so that we could see another National Trust site on Sunday.  Here’s a shot of our hostel.  It was a pretty good value for 30 GBP total for the two of us.  The only downside was that we had shared bathrooms.  Other than that, this “youth” hostel was great.  I put youth in quotes because we were the youngest people there.  The people in the next room over were in their 50s, so needless to say, there were no drunks keeping us up all night that you can sometimes get at a typical hostel.


The next day, Tara picked a National Trust site on the way home:  The Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens.  I was highly skeptical of this place, but it turned out alright.  This was a massive former monastery that is now in ruins.  But all in all, the ruins were pretty impressive.  The monastery was in use from 1132 to 1539 when Henry VIII decided to get rid of all the monasteries.  The ruins left from this huge monastery are among the biggest and best preserved ruins out there.


Looking Smart

hadrian39 hadrian41 hadrian42 hadrian43 hadrian44 hadrian45 hadrian46 hadrian47 hadrian48 hadrian49 hadrian50 hadrian51 hadrian52

The water gardens were still in pretty good shape.  There were tons of people out enjoying the nice day and walking around the grounds.  The water gardens were built in 1718, well after the monastery was dissolved.  They are still looked after today and are in the process of being upgraded.

hadrian53 hadrian54 hadrian55 hadrian56

And a church for good measure.  Luckily it was closed on Sundays.


That’s about it.  Short and sweet entry for a quick 24 hour trip to see Hadrian’s wall.  I’m glad we went.  It was pretty cost effective and I had a good time.  Next up is Frankfurt.


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