Cambridge, England

Welcome back blog fans.  We had a week off from blogging last weekend because I went to a stag-do (bachelor party) in Oxford.  Tara and I actually went to Oxford a few weeks ago so now I feel like I know it quite well.  This stag-tastic experience in Oxford was quite different than when I went with Tara.  The bachelor party itself was also quite different than its American counterpart.  I’d say that the biggest difference between an English stag-do and an American bachelor party is that the Brits tend to humiliate the groom-to-be a lot more.  There were lots of crazy outfits involved and a lot of “challenges” that the groom had to complete.  Sorry, I’m not allowed to post any pictures, but I got some really good ones.  The American bachelor parties that I have been on tend to lean more towards just making sure the bachelor has a good time with his friends.  I can see the merits of both and I’m glad I got to experience a real English Stag party.

Anyway, back to the task at hand:  Cambridge.  We took a quick day trip down to another one of England’s Ivy League Universities.  Having been to Oxford twice now, I can say that I think Cambridge is cooler.  It felt more like a college town than Oxford.  It had more interesting architecture and more dudes with elbow padded sweaters/jackets.  Oxford could have been any other English town which happened to have an old university.  That being said, I don’t think the pictures are all that exciting, but I had a good time walking around the city.  We even got decent weather (no rain, in the low 50s).

About 2 hours

About 2 hours

We purchased a self guided walking tour from the Tourist Information Center and followed it around the city.  It was well worth the 1.50 GBP.  We learned about all the different colleges that make up Cambridge and all of the famous people that have attended it over the years.


The Round Church – 2nd oldest church in Cambridge. It cost money to go inside so we skipped it


Some punting on the backside of Clare College


Clare’s College

Forget what this is

Forget what this is


Another riverside shot


The Famous Kings College. This is the most grand and iconic college in Cambridge. It took over 100 years to complete.


I got an ostrich burger at this market. Tasted pretty good.


Don’t remember what this college is either


They call the non college side of the river, “The Backs”. You can only really see it via a punting boat. We decided to give it a miss because of the long lines and steep prices.


Very nice grass in these courtyards



The Corpus Clock. It’s hard to see, but there is a really ugly bug that is crawling around the rotating gold clock. It was pretty cool


Good Day for Punting


Interesting facts

We took a detour from the walking tour to go through a park and discovered some authentic campus life in action.  An older group of students appeared to be publicly hazing a younger group of students.  The younger group was dressed in athletic attire and seemed to be doing an endless amount of burpees as the older students leisurely walked around campus.  It was all very organized.  The hazers even made sure the guys getting hazed didn’t get in the way of our stroll through the park.  “Hey, get of the way and let these people pass”.

Public Hazing...... Makes me miss college

Public Hazing…… Makes me miss college


Nice university looking shot. I feel like you could find something similar at my alma matter, Virginia Tech.

After we completed the walking tour, we hit up another famous spot, the Eagle Pub.  This place is famous because it was the place where scientists first made public their discovery of DNA.  I wonder how many pints were drank before the scientists thought it was the right time to declare their microscopic discovery.  It’s also famous because allied troops burned their names into the ceiling after WWII was over.

Enjoying the Eagle Pub

Enjoying the Eagle Pub

After the pub, we headed home.  I did a pretty bad job of remembering what name goes with what particular college photo, but you get the idea.  There are lots of lower level colleges that make up the bigger University of Cambridge.  Not all universities operate like this, just the really old and prestigious ones.  I initially argued with Tara that we didn’t need to go to Cambridge because we had already been to Oxford, but as usual, she was right.  Cambridge was fun and I had a good time.

That’s all for now.  Happy Punting!


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